Landed Festival - August 18th to 20th 2017


It is our undertaking, as organisers of the Landed Festival, to ensure the health and safety of all site users through the careful planning and implementation of a full Safety Management Plan.

The health and safety of all site users, throughout the set up, duration and take down of the event, is of the utmost importance to the organisers and has been considered in detail, to the specifications of The Event Safety Guide, throughout all stages of planning.

To this end consultation has been made with the neighbours and the official departments concerned. A detailed risk assessment has been carried out and will be ongoing.

We will liaise with all relevant authorities regarding the Safety Management Plan.

Notice of the event (including directions and access) will be given to local emergency services in case of emergency.

Consultation is ongoing with all neighbours in regard to noise pollution.


Privacy Notice

Landed Festival’s objective is to be fully compliant with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations, which come into force on the 25th May 2018. This Statement documents what data we hold on Individuals and what we do to protect it.


  1. Landed Festival holds the following data on Individuals:-

· Name

· Postal Address

· Telephone Number(s)

· Email Address


  1. This data is held on platforms as follows:-

  1. By Fatsoma for the purpose of managing the ticket purchasing process.

  2. By Google mail/drive for the purpose of communicating with Individuals.


  1. Neither Fatsoma, Google mail/drive are entitled to use this information for any other purpose whatsoever.

  2. This data has been provided directly by the Individual, except where additional data has been supplied by the lead person booking festival tickets or arranging artistic performances/trading stalls about other people within his/her group.


  1. The Legitimate Interest bases on which Landed Festival holds and process this information are:-


  1. We have to hold and process this information so that we can provide you with a ticket, take payment and to keep you informed of any changes to the event.

  2. We require this information for our own record keeping and to manage the Festival effectively and safely.

  3. We also have a Legitimate Interest in holding this data so that we can send information to you about the current and future Festivals.

  1. Landed Festival will ensure that it always keeps Individuals rights in high regard and take account of these rights.

  2. Landed Festival will not pass this data on to any other person or organisation, except those previously mentioned above


  1. We do not hold any banking or payment card details for Individuals, these are held, for those paying by electronic means, by Fatsoma. Individuals should refer to Fatsoma for details of their data protection policies.

  2. All data is held on secure servers and its security is managed by Fatsom and Google. Where Landed Festival has direct access to this data it is protected by password and access is limited to those that need to process the information for Landed Festival use.


10. To comply with legal requirements from HMRC, data on Fatsoma and Google (where applicable) will be held for 7 years from the end of each financial year.


11. If an Individual requests the data be removed, we will delete it from mailing lists, but the data will be held for 7 years from the end of the financial year in which the request was made to comply with legal requirements.

12. Individuals have the right to object to Landed Festival holding this data and may ask for it to be removed, subject to the requirements of (11) above. Individuals may also ask to see the information we hold on them.


· If you have any questions about this statement or wish us to remove your data from our files please email



LTD 7541110